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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning, august 25th, the verdict is in and it says apple $1 billion, samsung nothing. that's the score as samsung loses its patent battle with apple. and the little leaguers have a rematch this morning for the championship. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney, getting ready to start your saturday. let's see what the weather will look like. here's lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. the sun not coming up until 6:34 and we have plenty of thick clouds out there with mist and drizzle. we are talking about a cool down this weekend. right now numbers are in the 50s. in fact, they will drop further, perhaps in the north bay valleys.
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otherwise look for plenty of coastal clouds and partly sunny by noontime. temperatures still in the 350s at the coast and by the afternoon we are quite mild inland in the mid-80s. still cool at the coast. it will stay cloudy there. partial afternoon clearing with mid-60s in the city today. i'll tell you which day will be cooler than the next coming up. >> thanks, lisa. >> new this morning the chp is investigating a fatal crash on highway 4 at the 6 and 80 interchange in concord. it is clear now but this was the scene last night around 10:30 when two cars collided. one of the cars crashed into a light pole knock it down. one person died at the scene. caltran is work to repair the light pole. the cause of the crash is under investigation. we will bring you more details as information becomes available through the morning. this morning samsung is vowing to appeal yesterday's $1 billion
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patent infringement award by the jury. samsung is saying they may pull their items from the market. samsung is not the only loser. >> that is a samsung galaxy 7.9 tablet and this is an ipad. you if you can see a startling resemblance, so did the jury. apple boone in almost all accounts. >> it came out in top on a way that could impact future products and also nets them a large amount of money that comes out of samsung's pockets. >> apple originally asked for $2.5 billion in damages. saying their sale of sales were reduced. samsung's attorneys refused to answer reporter questions. >> i'm sorry, i don't have any comments. no comments. we've issued a statement. >> it took a san jose injure three weeks of trial and just 21 hours of deliberations to decide
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in apple's favor. they say it's a real blow to samsung. >> they have to go back to the drawing board and rethink how some of their future devices work. >> samsung will also have to change many designs. this is a galaxy 10.5, the look is very different from an ipad now. samsung is not the only company affected by this verdict. >> this also affects google and android too because that's what they are competing against. >> the jury found samsung had indeed willfully infringed on some but not all apple's patents. but this is not the end. they want more blood. they want the products after the market in a court ordered injunction. samsung will fight it. they will also appeal the $1.5 billion in damages said a legal analyst dean johnson. >> there is going to be an appeal. when you have a billion dollars jury verdict, there will be an appeal. >> now, on september 20th both
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sides will be back in federal court. that's when they find out if the judge will award apple aonian junction, forcing samsung to remove their affected products from the market. shares of apple record highs in after-hours trading yesterday after that verdict was announced. shares went up nearly $12 after the market closed. it's now trading just under $675 -- actually 6 $77..75 a share. in west oakland a double shooting left a man dead and a boy wounded. it happened in the 700 block of sycamore street. the little boy was rushed to children's hospital oakland. doctors say he was grazed by a bullet and it is not life-threatening. no ward on the shooting. it was oakland's 77th homicide of the year, exactly the same number as a year ago. there is going to be a peace march in response to gang
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killings. there have been 8 killings in ten days, many believed to be gaining related t starts on coyote road and goes to rosemont the park. abc7 news reporter tells us the police department's new plan to deal with the problem. >> 743, 740. >> it's a friday night on east side of san jose the san jose police sergeant leads an eight-officer police officer on gangs. they patrol streets recently with violence. >> it's about the worst i have ever seen. more shootings and more violence. >> and 18 year olds wearing red in a neighborhood, he was shot to death in front of this store. no nortenos gathered, asking for donations. >> that's just battling it out.
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with the spike in homicides. the city leaders announce the activation of a crisis response strategy that will include spending $800,000 to specifically target gang violence. >> the message for the public is you have every city resource, every county resource going to stop it. >> the sergeant said the resources make a huge difference. overtime is a necessity. >> right now you pretty much have maps saturated for gangs out here right now. when we pull back, and the gangs centers figure out what is going on. >> they take advantage. >> with more officers his teams can make more stops like this one. this mercedes matches the description of one that's been used in recent crimes. a search produces a knife and alcohol. when the sergeant dropped us off, there was a door chase. there was a small crash and then they eventually found the suspect hiding in a yard and they recovered a gun. abc7 news. in the east bay this police
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are trying to find the owner of two dogs that malled a six-year-old girl in albany. the child was attacked about 8:00 thursday night in a neighborhood near a soccer field next to the community garden. soccer players rescued the girl and retain the owner but he left with the dog before police could get there. the man was treated for wounds at children's hospital oakland and she's been released. this morning a walnut creek man is under arrest for indecent exposure at a school. security footage helped capture this man. it shows a 39-year-old man committing a lewd act in front of a student. the child quickly ran away and got helped. the man is being held at the detention facility on $145,000 bail. two east bay children have the scare of their lives. they were home alone when burglars broke into the house. the ten-year-old boy and 16-year-old sister were playing video games when they heard someone knocking, ringing the doorbell repeatedly.
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the police say when no one came to the door the burglars to be that as a sign the house was empty. three managed a crowbar to break in but once inside they knew immediately someone else was there. >> we were like -- they were like going through the back so we just walked into the closet and hid. >> i only heard, hey, come out or else we're coming in. >> the sister and the boy stayed on the phone with the 911 operator. help arrived in less than two minutes and all three suspects were captured. they have within charged with home invasion property, possession of stolen property and conspiracy. coming up next the petaluma national all-stars are about to play in the u.s. championship series for the little league and they can hardly wait. and finishing touched are placed on the new stadium in÷@÷÷h
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hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move.
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disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. >> a talented team of boys can make history today. petaluma boys will battle for the little league championship. their love of the game and spirit have captivated the community and beyond. here's don sanchez. >> every time the petaluma little leaguer gets a hit, they erupt in cheers. everyone is fired up-and-in spared by what these kids are doing. >> we are so proud of these guys. >> karen is where people gathered to watch the games but shears here to buy a t-shirt saying the best comes from the west and area code 707.
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>> a couple hours with my buddy, we came one the line and the next day we had them printed. >> he's filling them here at taps where at times they are outselling food and beer. there was a customer waiting before they opened. >> we had them on the wall for sale and i sold the rest out this morning. we don't have any shirts left. that's the only problem i'm having is keeping up with the demand for them. >> petaluma boys is a such of americana. >> everybody is talking about it, everyone is supporting the team, wearing the hat, you know. >> you can see the kids come out as pros possibly and we have one hometown pro but it would be nice to have another. >> he's talking about the a's jonny gomes. he comes to a lot of these kids when they were at young a as 7 years old and helps with the batting cage. >> if they have the passion and drive and will to want to go out and have fun and develop that skill that they have, yeah.
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i can't help but to watch them and actually, you know, sit back and be extremely proud of what they are doing out there on the field. >> and while we were there, the team manager, eric smith, called from back east. i told them how excited the city is. >> it's amazing. i would love to be a part of it. >> you are. >> i think you are the focal point, my man. >> everybody has a sense of community here. a lot of organizations have been raisings money to send family members to see the final games in pennsylvania. there will be a big celebration and a parade here a week from sunday. in petaluma, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> you can see the u.s. championship game between petaluma and tennessee today right here on abc7. game time is is 12:30. we will have a live report on abc7 news. one week from today u.c. berkeley's stadium is set to
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reopen. it had to be rebuilt because it was directly on top of a hayward earthquake fault. we got a sneak pete. >> the 1923 facade based oven the roman coliseum was reserved. most of the stadium was gutted and rebuilt but fans should still recognize the stadium they have always no one. >> i think they will see that it looks the same. we got a very high compliment from one of the major donors for cal, he came and said what you have accomplished, it looks like memorial stadium. >> only now it's much more open with a beggar con course, restored views, and it's much safer. the rebuilt was necessary to bring the 89-year-old building up to modern seismic standards. it sits right on top of the hayward fault. >> it's perfectly safe. i want to be here during an earthquake. >> the project was built in 21 months but the planning was there for years.
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at times is seemed like it wouldn't happen because of a battle over removal of some trees. >> i believe when it opens everyone will be pleased. >> the field was lowered four feet to improve viewing for sidelines and there's an open space that can be used for more than viewing football games. >> sometimes you game six days a year and now we think it will be an asset for the campus 365 days a year. >> the head coach said he and the team are happy to be back from their tree field across the bay. >> at&t did a great job for one season over there of hosting us, but there's nothing like being home. there's nothing like our player walk being through the north tunnel. the pride and tradition that goes along with that, you j can't explain. >> school officials say they are selling 1700 tickets a day for the september 1st game. they expect it to be a sellout. >>. the massive wildfire burning to our north near reading is 71%
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contained. firefighters are making significant progress. the pond rosa fire has consumed more than 28,000 acres in two counties and has destroyed 84 homes and four buildings after it broke out last saturday. full containment expected on monday. lisa argen joins us now. this morning coming in from the north bay, mist from suggest marin county all the way to san francisco. >> you have been around this morning, haven't you? despite the cooler weather we still have elevated fire danger. that's the problem with gusty winds and low relative humidity. a fire weather watch in the sierra. yes, we have the low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle and cooler weekend ahead. i'll have the temperatures for you and let you know how long the cool weather is going to stick around next. >> also next the giants and angel pegan come back. they stay ho
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>> the bay area and silicon valley chapters of red cross are sending 15 volunteers down to florida with tropical storm isaac. forecaster have issued hurricane watches for the keys and parts of the west coast. preperations for the republican national convention continues in tampa but contingency plans are in place. that will change things around. they won't suspend the convention, but making a tests
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outside the building. but there is a cool summer trend here. >> if you are in the east bay you might like it but elsewhere jackets and sweatshirts. it will be cool out for the america's cup today. it's definitely dark out there. we have a while until sunrise, over an hour. once we do have the sun, temperatures will be well below the average. 1:05 for the giants today it will be a cool one with highs there just near 60. a little bit of sunshine. right now live doppler 7 hd showing we do have the low clouds and fog cling to go the shoreline, and that will be, what else that allows for the cooler air today. the onshore flow is going to check up and we will be looking at the mist and drizzle for a couple hours around the bay. right now 60 in mountain view. elsewhere down to 2050 santa rosa, 51 in san rafael with mid-50s and clear sky toward concord, livermore and san jose. that should change as the on
5:21 am
shore flow transports the cooler area into the valleys. right now a west wind up to 30 miles an hour by the delta allowing for temperatures cooler there. overall maybe two to five degrees cooler in some spots, especially away from the bay today. so we do have the clouds, the spotty drizzle and the cooler pattern underway this weekend. in fact, tomorrow there's an area of low pressure that gets closer to the coast and that should bring the numbers down another couple degrees. not much change from today to tomorrow but temperatures will be rebounding into the upper 80s, but no major heat. as we get ready for the work week we will see the numbers come up a little bit. in terms of what's going on, here's the culprit. an upper level low dropping down from the gulf of alaska, and once we have the lows to the north of us, really doesn't allow for the high to build on in. without that ridge of high pressure building in, we have the cooler air, that stronger
5:22 am
on-shore push. there are some computer problems. we are back here. we are looking at the cooler weather somewhat into the sacramento valley. 90 today there. so we will notice some of the cooler air by the delta. not quite making its way into the valleys. i talked about the elevated fire danger for the northern sierra. with the relative humidity pretty low and the gusty winds, it's going to be kind of dicey there the next couple days. the low, once it moves to the east, things will calm down but that will take until the middle of the work week. in terms of your temperatures today, look at the numbers. just mid-60s in the city today. we have the eighth annual walk in the east bay. 67 degrees there. sunnyvale, another festival for you today with low 70s to mid-70s for much of the south bay. comfortable here with 80 in concord. down by the monterey bay, plenty of clouds now. it will take a couple hours for the clouds to clear. then we will see about 80 in
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bill roy. here's the look ahead. kind of cool for this time of year. usually we could have warmer weather but we will stay pretty mild right on through next week. but the numbers feeling a little more like september in our inland valleys with minor ups and downs next week. the wind out there for america's cup, it will be breezy today. but if you are around the bay you will see the jackets. >> i was up there on monday and watched a couple boats caps size. they are going down out there. it's wild. it's exciting. i don't know much about yachting but it's a fun thing to do. >> you seem like the yachting type. >> do i? thanks. sports, madison bumgarner goes for their 15th win of the season. the dodgers are still three games back and starting to worry. the giants win last night over the braves. good night. with the dodgers working on a potential blockbuster trade with boston that would land adrian
5:24 am
gonzalez and crawford and a a host of others in l.a., the giants go out and keep wing. before the game the giants potatoesing for their 2012 team picture. in atlanta they call the ja kid, first inning jason heyward takes vogelsong opposite field. brave up 1-0. and in the second. fred free man, he got all of that. atl up 2-zip. giants can tie with two in the third and two more in the fourth. the triple for pegan scored blanco. then in the sixth buster posey, he doubles. marco scutaro, a terrific addition, comes in and the giants win it 5-3. 6th straight victory and they remain up three on the dodgers. a's and tampa bay, no sign of isaac just yet. the rbi single scoring. 1-1 game. tied 2-2 in the fifth.
5:25 am
b.j. upton, a fair ball. down the line and jose molina struggling home and the rays up 3-2. and here he miss the home run in the seventh. off the wall. tied again, 3-3. in the eighth here it comes and there it goes. out in a flash and jonny gomes knew it. jonny gomes, the pride of beantown. and the a's win 5-4. the 49ers insist they were only evaluating peyton manning the offseason. they will really be ereally straighting him in the preseason game. he end up signing with the broncos after his years with the colts. did they offer him a contract and backtrack to restore alex smith confidence? at this point manning does not care about the history. >> it's pretty well documented how that went down in the offseason. so not really going down memory lane. >> the defending super bowl
5:26 am
champion of the new york giants and eli manning against the bears, preseason action, second quarter, an 11-yard td strike. he throws for a buck forty eight. and the exraider backing uppercutler in chicago to joe anderson for the go ahead scores. bears win it 20-17. tiger woods says a soft mattress in his hotel room is to blame for the back spasms he woke up with on friday. playing in pain during round two of the barclay's. you see he's in agony. he was grabbing his bank and wincing. he wasn't going to quit. he was happy to get through the rounds. misses his putt on seven but still shoots a 69. respectable 5-under 3 back. and garcia inning a long drought last week and in the groove. ets up a birdie. and he's tied with wattnay on 15th." he hads has a 69. he and garcia head to the finish
5:27 am
tied. and don't forget the petaluma little leaguer play for the national league championship today on abc7. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> still ahead, the republicans are gathering in tampa with mitt romney. we will have a preview of that. and how the city of san francisco will help more than 2,000 kids get a head start on the school year today. we will tel
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>> topping the news, organizers of the republican national convention in florida are keeping an an eye on tropical sm eye soak which could become a hurricane when it reaches the east coast but there are no plans to cancel the convention which will draw 70,000 people in tampa. we have a preview. >> mitt romney has been campaigning for president every day for well over a year. almost five years if you counted his last run. in the rough and tumble are grind of the trail, sometimes a candidate's message gets lost. next week as republicans gather for the convention in tampa, romney has the spotlight all to himself. >> the convention is an opportunity when americans are just starting to really tune in to the campaign. for mitt romney to sort of
5:31 am
reintroduce himself to the public and really highlight his background and his vision for the future of the country. >> that vision boils down to the main message romney tries to hammer home, president obama has failed to fix the economy but romney has the tools and the blueprint to get the job done. political conventions are highly choreographed affairs, scripted down to the minute. all of the speakers give the party a chance to highlight their up-and-coming start. new jersey governor chris christie and marco rubio. but ultimately it's all about the candidate. >> mostly its an opportunity to flush out who the come knee is. >> at the top of the list is his wife, a there. n, who has a lime time speaking spot. >> the wife is a reflection on the husband so her job is to tell their stories about what he's like at home, humanize him. >> a role ann romney is uniquely qualified to fill. >> we've known each other since we were kids, we started dating
5:32 am
in high school, we've been married 42 years. >> the romney-ryan ticket is certainly to get a boost in the policy out of their convention but with the democrats holding their own convention the following week, whatever bounce they get may be short-lived. abc news, washington. >> at bc7, political reporter will be covering both conventions. >> new this morning, president obama won't be is thing on the sidelines during the republican convention. he plans to campaign in key battle ground state to try to head off any decline in the policy by his republican challenger. he will be traveling to iowa, colorado and virginia to court young vote erstwhile vice president joe biden is scheduled to head to florida on tuesday. the president is also using this morning's weekly address to get his message out on a hot campaign issue, saving medicare. >> i'm willing to work with anyone to keep improving the current system but i refuse to
5:33 am
do anything that is a guarantee for -- that undermines a guarantee for seniors who get sick. americans deserve to enjoy their golden years. >> republicans have accused the president of utility cutting more than $700 million from medicare to pay for their healthcare law. ac transit said 740 job hunters have registered online for today's hiring event. they expect more than 1,000 people to apply for bus operators positions. ac transit said they are increasing the number of bus operators to improve service. it take place at easy transportation center in hayward starting at 9:00 this morning. applicants must be preregistered online to attend. you also need to bring a specific dmv form that shows your driving record for the pastsen years and an up-to-date resume. opponents of building a new jail in san mateo county will hold a town hall meeting this afternoon in east palo alto to
5:34 am
discuss strategy for construction. last month they held a groundbreaking ceremony in redwood city to celebrate the first jail construction project in five years. politicians and judges said it was a way to ease jail overcrowding. it is sponsored by those who would rather see the construction money going toward providing young people with job and education and house to go keep them out of jail. the city of san francisco is helping low income families get a head start on the school year. at garfield square this morning more than 2,000 students will receive backpacks stuffed with school supplies. the mayor's office is teaming up with the economic development agency and target stores of school age children that. event goes from 10:00 a.m. to 1 in the afternoon. it's at the park at 26th street. coming up, your smartphone gets smarter. we unavailable a new feet that you are goes way beyond caller
5:35 am
i.d.. and we are taking a look at our roof cam near the embarcadero. it's mist city out there. it certainly was when i came in a few hours ago. you see the ferry building and the bay bridge. we will hear from lisa argen in a few minutes. right now we can't to thank people who have become part of the abc7 dream train campaign. you can help. all you have to do is like us as news and one dollar will be donated to help local foster children in
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>> new this morning a tiny town in the east bay hills is celebrating 90 years of mail service just as they plan to eliminate the postmaster in an effort to save money. save the post office take place in the community of canyon nestled in the wooded hills between neraga and oakland. it will be held at 10:00 this morning at the post office located on behind hours road. there's a picture of the building and speakers will be there, and a local letter writing campaign hoping to avoid the cuts. deep cuts will lay off
5:39 am
firefighters in contra costa county weeks ago will be reversed thanks to a grant. they will get $7.8 million in fema and the department of homeland security. the money will unable the cash-strapped department to reopen three fire stations and rehire 15 firefighters. the cuts and layoffs were made on july 1st after voters rejected a tax measure but it raised more money to maintain staffing levels. it's been a while since smartphones got smarter but one company is aiming to change that. here's abc7 news reporter johnathan bloom with a look. over the years ringtones have gotten a lot cooler but that's about all that's changed about the phone, part of your smartphone, until now. >> has it been lagging behind? >> it has. it's surprising. >> but alex, found in wants to help the good old telephone to play catch-up so he has an anderson for that. it's called current id. every time the phone rings the
5:40 am
anderson finds your social network to find whatever useful information it can about the person who is calling before you pick up. >> including their employer, their last facebook status updates, the latest tweets. >> if you don't know the person it will at least try to get a name and address from to tell you whether to answer and to be prepared if you do. >> the conversation is started in ways to get yourself ahead on, you know, what's going on in the caller's life. >> she found a matching trench coat for her cat? >> that's right. >> this is the point where some people get excited and others get mad. the anderson is free, but it's only available for android phones. if you have an. phone you can thank apple to prohibit the anderson from modifying the calling features. >> it's on the blackberry platform. the android platform is open and
5:41 am
allows us to do this. >> he won't be surprised in apple and microsoft take a hard look at the app because it makes your phone a smarter phone. in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> meteorologist lisa argen here to talk about things like the mist out there and the thick fog in some places. >> pretty much every year. concord and livermore are clear as well as san jose, but emeryville, pretty gray out there. temperatures in the 50s making for a cool afternoon, much cooler than average. and the weekend, well, we will warm up. i'll tell you when next. >> also ahead we will take you on a boat ride that goes beyond the golden gate for an area that still could become a new haven
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motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. >> welcome back. its 5:44 on a saturday morning. hope your weekend fans includes some fun. right now some mist. inland, no problem at all. nice and clear and a nice, warm
5:45 am
day inland. lisa will have both sides in just a few minutes. well a painting is pulled from a website because a marin county resident didn't like what it depicts. jump the golden gate club was painted by san francisco artist douglas. it had been chosen for honorable mention in the american icon competition but it was taken down because a man said it would encourage suicides. there is a new effort by federal officials to expand the monterey bay national marine sanctuary. it's on the central coast. they hope 20 expand it to an area just outside the golden gate where marine life is being seen for the first time since world war ii. we explain the connection. >> the america's cup helped the ocean cup with local environment researcher students to take a little trip under the golden
5:46 am
gate bridge where harbor pour -- poiposes have returned in record levels. before they had a difficult time responding any of the elusive mappal. here's the golden gate bridge earlier this year. they are back in the bay for the first time since the 1940s. it alliance with a new proposal that makes it part of the bay under the golden gate bridge federally protected water. >> in 1992 the monterey bay national sanctuary was established and it goes all the way up to marin county, but many people don't realize the water is underneath the golden gate bridge and around it weren't protected, they were left out. >> it would provide more protection for rare and endangered marine wildlife. >> from our point of view the
5:47 am
poiposos are proving something. they come in and out to use the bay. they are stitching it together for us and showing us, look, this is the same thing and they need protection out in the ocean and they need protection here too. >> but the sanctuary expansion could also lead to restriction on helicopter flights, fireworks displace and even the use of jet skis and the shipping industry as well. the shipping organization said they have no formal position on the proposal yet them want to no more about the restrictions and how it would affect ships. >> we had a meeting last night in san francisco, and about have the people present expressed support, the other people expressed areas that they were concerned about. >> the third of three public meetings in wednesday, september 12th. the public comment period closes october 10th. in the newsroom, abc7 news.
5:48 am
lisa is here now to talk about the -- both sides of the bay. you want the fog, you got it. you want it warmer, no problem. >> you really have to go inland because we will even cool down by the delta today. the breeze has picked up. it's west at 30 miles an hour around fairfield. that's an indicator. as we head outside, here's a roof camera where you see the humidity in the air. sun officially up at 6:34. plenty of they can clouds out there. 13 hours, 13 minutes of daylight. low clouds and fog will be hugging the shoreline. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd and you notice right now we have them across the bay, but not quite into our inland valleys. so concord and livermore, you are clear, as well as san jose. but i expect the clouds to continue to filter to the east. a quick look at the tropical atlantic and we are looking at tropical storm isaac with winds
5:49 am
of 60 miles an hour. the system continues to move to the northwest at 14 miles an hour. with it it will strengthen as it gets closer to the gulf. we are looking at a category 1 hurricane and hurricane warnings are out for the west coast of florida, the florida keys. here's the track by 5:00 thursday, taking it west of tampa. right now temperatures are right around 60 degrees in mountain view, with 58 in oakland. good morning, napa. 52 for you. 51 in san rafael. temperatures definitely on the cool side. we will look for plenty of clouds with the mist and drizzle if you head out this morning. a cool start. then by the afternoon temperatures are going to be well cooler than we should be for late august. in fact, the numbers are going to stay cool for tomorrow but they will begin to rebound as we head toward the beginning of the work week. so monday and tuesday look to be a little warmer into the upper 80s in the inland valleys. it's all because of the area of
5:50 am
low pressure to the west of us. it's really going to stay here for the next several days. as it does, it's going to keep our fair weather maker, the high pressure ridge, out in the pacific and unable unable to bu. 62 should be the game time temperature today. we will look at more sun around the bay today. it will take a while. we will talk about midday clearing. we have the eighth an yell walk around lake merry. 67 dreams. looks to be a beautiful day. numbers warming up to around 8 to today in the inland valleys, concord and livermore but around san francisco we are shy, about five degrees shy of the average. look at half moon bay, cloudy skies, 59 there. america's cup, well, it will be breezy with winds up to 20 knots and talking about 80 in gilroy today with midday clearing. here's the seven-day forecast. a cool weekend today and even tomorrow a few degrees cooler than average.
5:51 am
then we will slowly rebound on monday but not really until the middle of the week do we receive warmer inland highs. but no 90s in the forecast. >> and plenty of wind for the america's cup today. >> yeah. >> never lets you down. thanks, lisa. we were thrilled to welcome katie couric to the bay area this week and she was thrilled to be here too. >> i don't play favorites but it was a great end to a great week on the road. she linked us to photos from her visit here from twitter headquarters. we posted that on our website. larry beil and carolyn johnson sat down with katie on thursday at the abc7 studios in san francisco to talk about her new show and how she deals with some of the life challenges a lot of single moms face, including dating. >> wow. >> how tough is it for you personally to be kind of in that dating realm again? i mean you are a single mom but a vibrant woman.
5:52 am
it's not leak you go on >> thanks for calling me a vibrant woman. i appreciate that. no, i have not gone on i have thought about it but people don't put their pictures in and maybe not their real name, stay away from them like the playing. buttive a good philosophy. i have the same philosophy in my 50s as i did in earlier when i met my husband which everybody is interesting even if there's not a love connection. it's nice to meet people and learn about them and care about their experiences and walk away and say i really enjoyed that, even if it's not an instantaneous attraction. so i try to have that kind of attitude now too. and katie is sending us some preview reports of the kind of things we expect to see on her new show. katie has us look at how identity thieves are ruining the credit history of people who aren't even old enough to have credit cards. >> do you know where your kids are going online and when they
5:53 am
are texting on their smartphones. internet safety is a lot more about strainer danger, although that's important. but people who don't have a credit history can have their credit ruined by cells. >> ftc looked the at it and they realized about 500,000 kids per year are getting their identity stolen. so there's this very active cyber crime economy and they decide they love kids' identities because nobody is tracking them. >> so what do you give kids, what advice so they don't become victims. >> get the annual credit report so you can see that and freeze your credit. the second is all those pop-up things you get, these little quizzes and you might win an ipad or might not, all those things you are selling out, be thinking about who is collecting that data and where is is it
5:54 am
going to go, and don't it will it out if you don't have to. >> and people may be buying that data from other companies. >> exactly. >> katie debuts september 10th on abc7. the show will air weekdays at 3:00 p.m. come up next, the eighth annual friends of faith walk. how you can help raise money this morning to
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> take a look at the winning numbers from last night's
5:57 am
$65 million mega-millions drawing. the meganumber 34. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $73 million. this morning friends and family members of a former bay area tv reporter will gather in oakland's lake merit to raise money to help low income breast cancer patients. a broadcaster passed away from 2003 after a long battle of the disease and ever since then friends organize a fundraiser walk around lake mary to help uninsured men and women facing breast cancer. it begins at 9:00 a.m. at lake gazebo. there's a lakeview library branch. for more information or to donate we have a link on our website. coming up next at six, a billion dollar decision. apple wins big in a landmark
5:58 am
against their bitter rival samsung over the i-phone. and petaluma's pride. we are just a few hours away in sports. and petaluma national all-stars rpesap
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